Moving Images Sydney works with highly skilled producers, directors, camera operators, editors and animators to produce video productions to help you realise you better engage with your clients.

corporate comms and commercials

We work with highly experienced writers, directors and cinematographers to produce slick promotional videos that will make your products sell.

Previous clients our team have worked with include:

  • EnergyAustralia
  • Sydney Water
  • Optus
  • Yahoo!7
  • Sony BMG
  • Universal


We specialise in creating highly shareable video highlights of your big events that will last long after the lights have faded.

Our team of videographers will capture the essence of your event and create fabulous video snapshots that can be shared quickly after the event. 

LIve streaming

Nothing creates more impact on social media than live video. Facebook algorithms have been shown to favour video content over the boring static stuff!

So don't just sit there, get streaming live!

  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Instagram Stories